In August 2023 the exiting news was published - Micro-GEAR will be funded by the EC! The project is designed to support the policy and regulation reforms in Georgia and Armenia, two South-Caucasus countries aligning their education systems with the developments in the European Education Area. In the centre of the project activities are the needs to increase flexibility, market relevance and robustness of their Higher Education systems through a wider uptake of micro-credentials in line with the European Council Recommendation on Micro-credentials. The project will assist the national authorities (Ministries of Education, National Quality Assurance Agencies) in defining the scope of reforms necessary to introduce micro-credentials and piloting potential changes in National Qualification Frameworks. Currently, the Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement are being developed with the signing deadline in November 2023, the project commencement date is set on January 01, 2024. The project kick-off meeting will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia, in January.

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